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a Teens’s EyeView Informational

Kids and young adults speak openly about their respective countries; Environmental issues; Quality of Life and what they appreciate most about their country.

Educational Young adults talk about how their country differentiates itself from others, geographically and politically -  and what kinds of plans their country is making around living sustainably. Entertaining

The EyeView series is peppered with catchy music, fun segments and skits that underline the key characteristics of each country.

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A New Generation of Television For Young Audiences

A Kid’s EyeView and a Teen’s EyeView, take the viewer all over the world.  And, through the eyes of children and teens, we are introduced not only to their country, but to the way they think and feel about their world.  Solution-oriented and always fresh, the EyeView series is what you’d expect from young adults: Honest and deeply personal insights.

We believe children should take part in the decisions that shape our world.

That the tired slogan, ‘Kids are the hope for the future’ should be: Kids are the hope for today!

-Michael Mish

creator and host of

The EyeView Series